Zappi Socket Charger with Installation

Take charge of your electric vehicle (EV) experience with the Zappi Socket EV charger – the Smart electric car charger that does more.

Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in hub
  • Ethernet
  • WiFi
  • Programmable timer function
  • Dynamic load balancing for maximum installation flexibility
  • Charge and event logging
  • Pin-code lock function
  • Tap operated display backlight
  • Built-in RCD protection
  • Remote control and monitoring add-on option
  • Supplied with clip-on grid current sensor
  • 3x charging modes: eco, eco+ and fast
  • Optimises microgeneration self-consumption
  • Economy tariff sensing
  • 18th edition ready
  • Up to 7kW Power
  • 3 year warranty
  • Installed by Safe Electric Ireland certified installers. 
  • Certifictaton issued with each installaton. 

Note: A member of our installation team will call within 5 working days to arrange an installation appointment, with the exception of public holidays where this may take longer for the team to contact due to office closures.

Note: For some properties that may require surveys, additional works or wiring, this is subject to extra cost not included in the price quoted for the charger, our installation team can advise further if this is required before installation. Additional works may delay installation times. In the event that our installers identify additional electric work required to ensure compliant and safe installation as per Safe Electric regulations, this will be communicated to you. Completion of any such additional work will be your responsibility and at your own cost. Our installers cannot proceed with the charger installation until these additional works are certified as completed by a qualified electrician or ESB. Our installers reserve the right to cancel an installation should they deem the installation unsafe.

Note: Strong Wi- Fi is required to use the app and scheduling features.

Get rewarded for going Electric: This product may be eligible for the SEAI grant, please see the following link for more details

Warranty: This product comes with a 3-year standard manufacturers warranty and a 6-months install warranty.

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The Zappi 1-Phase Type 2 with Socket EV Charger isn't just an Electric car charger, it's an intelligent charging ecosystem designed to optimize your electric vehicle ownership.

Here's why it's the perfect choice for eco-conscious drivers:

Effortless Smart Charging:

  • Built-in Hub & Connectivity: No need for separate devices! The Zappi EV charger acts as its own hub, seamlessly connecting to your WiFi and Ethernet for remote control and monitoring. Manage your charger and charging schedules from anywhere using the myenergi app.
  • Programmable Timer Function: Take advantage of off-peak electricity rates. Schedule charging sessions for times when energy costs are lower, saving you money on every charge.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Never worry about overloading your home's electrical circuit. Zappi's dynamic load balancing automatically adjusts charging power based on your real-time energy usage, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Unmatched Efficiency and Control:

  • Eco Modes & Microgeneration Integration:  Embrace true green charging! The Zappi Socket boasts three charging modes: Eco, Eco+, and Fast. Eco and Eco+ prioritize utilizing surplus power generated by your solar panels or wind turbine, minimizing your reliance on the grid and maximizing self-consumption of renewable energy.
  • Economy Tariff Sensing:  Double down on savings! The Zappi electric car charger can automatically detect your energy provider's economy window and adjust charging schedules accordingly. This ensures you're always charging at the most cost-effective times.
  • Charge & Event Logging: Stay informed! This electric vehicle charger meticulously tracks your charging history, providing valuable insights into your energy consumption patterns. This data allows you to further optimize your charging strategy and make informed decisions about your energy usage.

Safety and Convenience Combined:

  • Peace of Mind with Built-in Protection: The Zappi car charger prioritizes safety with a built-in Residual Current Device (RCD) that safeguards against electrical faults. Additionally, it complies with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, ensuring the highest safety standards.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: A pin-code lock function prevents unauthorized charging, while the tap-operated display backlight offers easy access to information even in low-light conditions.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control (Optional): For ultimate control, consider adding the remote control and monitoring add-on. This allows you to start, stop, and monitor charging from anywhere in the world, providing an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind.
  • Powerful Performance & Reliable Warranty: The Zappi socket car charger delivers a maximum charging power of 7kW, ensuring a fast and efficient charging experience for your electric vehicle. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and manufacturer support.

Invest in the future of EV charging. Invest in the Zappi 1-Phase Type 2 Socket EV Charger.