Wind Gauge by Netatmo*

*This product is an accessory to the Netatmo Weather Station and can not be used on it's own. The Netatmo Wind Gauge known as the Smart Anemometer, uses the latest cutting edge ultrasound technology, to accurately and reliably measure the wind's speed and direction. All of the data can then be accessed via your connected smartphone or tablet. You never need to wonder if you need to bring a jacket with you again!

Product Specifications
Sensors and measurements Records frequency: every 6 seconds (aggregated every 5 minutes) - Units: m/s, km/h, mph, knots, Beaufort 4 ultrasonic transducers - Wind speed: Range: 0 to 45 m/s (160 km/h, 100 mph) Accuracy: 0.5 m/s (1.8 km/h, 1 mph) Wind direction: Accuracy: 5° Operating temperature: - 20°C to 50°C / - 4°F to 122°F Non-operating temperature: - 40°C to 65°C / - 40°F to 149°F
Product Size 110x110x85 mm / 4.3x4.3x3.4 inches
Mechanics & design High quality materials - Designed for outdoor use - Weatherproof, resistant to UV, hail, snow and strong winds
Requirements You can connect only 1 Smart Anemometer to your Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station. The Smart Anemometer works only with the Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station sold separately

Instruction Video

More Information

  • The Wind Gauge measures wind speed and direction.
  • Receive alerts in the event of strong winds and select the best time for your outdoor activities.
  • The Wind Gauge is sold individually and works with the Weather Station sold separately.
  • Buy a Wind Gauge and get a support for free!