Bundle: Netatmo Smart Thermostat + Google Home Mini

Save €39 with this Energia bundle deal.

The Netatmo Smart Home Thermostat lets you control your heating systems via your connected smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Schedule your heating to suit your lifestyle or create designated heating zones to save energy and avoid energy wastage. Never worry again about whether you left the heating on or not!

Opt for combining the Netatmo Smart Thermostat with the Google Home Mini for a great smart home combo. The Home Mini is the entry point to Google's smart speaker lineup, and it's as fun to use today as ever. The Google Home Mini is a circumaural (or 360-degree) speaker, and is good for apartments or if you want to use the speaker in specific rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms or hallways. Play podcasts, listen to the news, or get Assistant to control your smart home through voice activated prompts. 

The Google Home Mini is furthermore compatible with our other Netatmo and TP Link Smart smart products.

  • This price includes installation of your Netatmo Thermostat by Energia's Energy Services Partner.
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Netatmo Smart Thermostat + Google Home mini


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