Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren + Install

The New Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with a built-in 105 dB siren lets you receive real-time alerts and deter intruders in the event of a break-in.

Manual Siren: Trigger the alarm from your app to scare an intruder and warn neighbours and police.

Prevent burglaries with your Smart Outdoor Camera and its builtin siren. When a person or vehicle enters your property, you will immediately receive an alert and a video on your smartphone. Is it an intruder? Deter them by triggering the siren and its deafening 105-dB alarm directly from your app.

This package price includes installation by Energia's trusted enginners.


Product Specifications
Product Size 50x200x110 mm / 2x8x4.3 in
Mechanics & design Single piece of durable aluminum shell | Highly resistant UV protected plastic and glass | Weatherproof: HZO protection standard | Working temperature: -20° to 50°C (-4° to 122° F)
Camera Video sensor: 4MP | Field of view: 100° | Resolution: Up to 1920x1080
Pack Contents One Smart Outdoor Camera | One mounting kit | One 8GB class 10 MicroSD card
Hardware requirements Wi-Fi network with high-speed Internet connection needed (minimum upload/download speed connection required is 25 KB/s). Public hotspots not supported.
Night Vision LED floodlight: 12 W, dimmable. IR night vision: detection up to 15 m / 50 ft. Power supply: 100 - 240 V
Connectivity specifications Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz per Camera)
Browser Support Webapp available for the two latest versions of: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
Data Storage MicroSD card up to 32GB (class 10)
Alarm Built-in 105-dB siren
Free App No subscription fee. App available on the App Store / Google Play. Free access to your camera online.
Supported Operating Systems iOS 10 minimum required | Android 5.0 minimum required

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No more false alarms. Customise the notifications you would like to receive.

Don’t leap into action every time your dog runs into the garden! Set your alert preferences and define the exact areas that you want to monitor with the Alert-Zones feature.

Keep in touch with home

Images are accessible 24 hours a day from your smartphone, including night captures thanks to infrared vision.

Light up your path

The Camera has its own built-in smart lighting system to light up your path at night.

Long-lasting equipment

Your Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren is designed to last! Compliant with HZO weatherproofing standards, it is protected from UV rays and inclement weather.

Always subscription-free

Local video storage is free of charge, and all features and updates are included without a subscription, forever.



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