Bundle: Indoor Welcome Camera + Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

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Our security bundle is ideal for those who want to keep their home safe and secure, inside and out with our combined Indoor Welcome Camera and Outdoor Camera devices. The Indoor Welcome Camera is able to detect any intruder inside your home and relay live, up to the moment HD footage directly to your connected smartphone or tablet. But it’s smarter than that …

The Indoor Welcome Camera can also recognise the familiar faces of family and friends and disable notification and recording functions for them. Similarly Netatmo’s pet detection technology makes it easy to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away from home or to disable accidental triggers by your pet.

Meanwhile, the Smart Outdoor Camera will keep your property and vehicles safe. The HD camera can detect and distinguish between vehicles, animals and people and can react accordingly. At night-time an infra-red live feed will be relayed directly to your connected smartphone or tablet while the floodlight system can be activated manually or in accordance with a programmed response.


  • This price includes installation of your Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera by Energia's Energy Services Partner.


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