Energia's Top Tips for Using Smart Bulbs & Plugs

🔌 Tip 1

Make your life easier and safer with smart plugs and smart bulbs

Smart plugs are the first step in easy home automation - it’s a power-point adapter that fits between the power socket and your appliance.

Smart bulbs allow lighting to be customized, scheduled and controlled remotely.

📲 Tip 2

Save the circuits for the gym

Instead of running round the house switching things off, you can control your appliances from an app on your phone.

⏲️ Tip 3

Have the kettle boiling before you're out of bed

With set schedules for your smart plugs so you can turn on and off appliances at set times.

🌍 Tip 4

Be a planet pleaser

They’re great for the energy conscious as they can track how much energy each appliance is using.

👨‍💻 + 🚫 Tip 5

Limit kid’s screen time

Smart plugs can help with the amount of tv time or xbox time and put a healthy-after school routine into place.

🤔 + 💭 Tip 6

Be even smarter on your next purchase

One of the best things is they can be used to monitor kWh usage and track costs to charge your phone or your laptop which can potentially allow you to choose a more efficient device in the future.

💤 Tip 7

Switch everything off when you switch off

Now you can have them set to switch off at a certain time you never have to worry that one pesky plug is still on as you doze off.

🧘 Tip 8

Create the perfect ambience

With smart bulbs you have colours that you can tune to what you need whether it’s a dim zen space for your yoga or a brilliant bright light for a work call.

🧯 Tip 9

Reduce the risk of electrical fires

A few of the common fire starters can be microwaves, clothes dryers and toasters reduce the risk of this by ensuring these appliances are switched off whenever they’re not in use with a smart plug.

We hope our top tops on the benefits and use cases of smart bulbs and plugs have inspired you to go smart.

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